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Il mio negozio



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La Femme is the new collection of dresses by Grace for the 2022 summer season. The idea comes from the dreamy and refined imagery of a Paris of yesteryear, a symbol of class and elegance, in this scenario we wanted to tell the femme fatale inspired by Grace, the woman to whom this collection is dedicated. Garments suitable for every occasion and every need, created for all the commitments of the day: from the business suit to the cocktail dress for the aperitif, up to dinner and long dresses for the evening. We celebrated the typically Grace DNA of a strong, independent, confident and sensual woman. However, making it avant-garde through trendy colors such as purple, baby blue, petrol, lime green and orange. Each garment is entirely handmade with quality materials and rigorously made in Italy. All the looks are treated in detail and are suitable for every type of woman. It will not be the La Femme collection that changes the personality of the wearer, it will be the personality itself that blossoms and conquers everything, wearing a garment signed La Femme by Grace.

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